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Encino Probate Lawyer | The Law Office of Steven D. Kramar

The Law Office of Encino Probate Lawyer Steve Kramar has been successfully guiding heirs and executors through the Probate Process for more than 40 years.

A complex, detail-oriented process, attempting to Probate a Will without the benefit of experienced counsel can result in procedural mistakes, asset inventor and valuation disputes, and increase the odds that you will eventually end up in unnecessary Estate Litigation.

Providing highly skilled and insightful legal counsel and representation since 1972 to clients in Probate matters, Attorney Steven Kramar has an in depth understanding of the procedural requirements and works diligently to shorten the time it takes to complete Probate.

If a loved one has passed away and you need seasoned legal advice and representation in Probate Court, please contact the Law Office of Steven D. Kramar by calling (818) 380-3500. We will make arrangements for you to come in for a free, comprehensive consultation.  

During your consultation, Mr. Kramar will review any Testamentary Documents (including Wills and Testamentary Trusts that incorporate Wills), answer any questions you may have, and tell you how he can help you expedite the process.

Conveniently located in Encino, Probate Lawyer Steve Kramar represents clients who live in the surrounding communities. Dedicated to building an excellent attorney / client relationship, all email and telephone communications will be addressed in a timely manner. Additionally, you will always be kept up to date regarding the status of your case and informed if any new situations happen to arise.

Probating a Will in Encino

When an individual passes away, if they have a Will it must be filed with the Probate Court in the county where the decedent last resided, along with a Petition for Probate. This is typically done by the Executor of the Estate. The Probate process consists of several steps after the filing of the Will and Petition, as set forth below:

If the Probate Court deems that the decedent’s will is invalid but it can be demonstrated that a prior will was properly executed, Estate Assets will be distributed according to the terms of the previous will. If the decedent did not have a valid will at the time of death, Assets will be distributed under California’s Law of Intestate Succession.

There are numerous disadvantages to Executing a Will instead of Establishing a Trust, including but not limited to the following factors:  

Due to the complexity of Probate, combined with the fact that most Testators name family friends or relatives who have no prior legal experience as executors, it is crucial to retain an experienced Probate Attorney to ensure that the process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Contact an Encino Probate Attorney for Knowledgeable Advice

Whether you are the executor of a will, an heir or a beneficiary, a highly compassionate and seasoned Probate Lawyer can provide invaluable advice, legal counsel and representation.

Please contact Probate Lawyer Steven D. Kramar at (818) 380-3500 to schedule your complimentary, in office Probate consultation. Mr. Kramar can provide extremely useful insight into what you can expect during Probate, and can intervene if necessary to avoid conflicts that may lead to Probate Litigation.  

Conveniently located in Encino, the Law Office of Probate Attorney Steve Kramar is pleased to offer representation to those who reside in all of the surrounding communities and throughout Los Angeles County.  

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